Italian Serenades
The first on line Italian Serenade Service where you can send a personalized message
& a live serenade to anybody in the world for just $29.99
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Luca the Italian Serenader
ooking for a very unique personalized gift idea? Instead of flowers or candy, send a live serenade for an extraordinary birthday or anniversary gift,
or delight your beloved on Valentine's Day like never before.
What a unique and wonderful personalized gift to express your message of love or to send your thoughtful, good wishes. If you miss someone, or need to apologize for something, or just want to let someone know how much they mean to you, send them a personalized, live serenade,
a gift they will never forget.
When words simply can not convey your deepest sympathy, a live
'Ave Maria'
serenade may touch someone's heart in the perfect way.
The serenades are sung in Italian, the message before the serenade can be in English or Italian, it's your choice.
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between the Personalized Serenades for every occasion or Poems.

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Created by Luca, an authentic Italian Serenader from Rome
For just $29.99, offers this unique service delivering your special message with an Italian Serenade to anyone in the world.
Give a unique gift that will not be forgotten! 100% satisfaction guaranteed
100% Satisfaction guaranteed

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