Italian Serenades on line with Luca the Italian Serenader from Rome
The first on line Italian Serenade Service where you can send a personalized message and a live serenade to anybody in the world for just $29.99!
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Luca the Italian Serenader from Rome ItalyAbout Luca

Luca is the Italian Serenader from Rome who emigrated to America and created this original on line serenade service.

Luca was born and grew up in Rome, and since he was a child he used to listen to his granfather Bruno singing Romantic Italian Serenades, like Chitarra Romana, Roman nun fa la stupida stasera, Il canto delle Capinere and many others.
While in Rome, Luca grew up with the passion of singing serenades, and he did that professionally for Hotels and Restaurants in Rome...sometimes, just for fun while interacting with tourists at Piazza di Spagna or in front of the Fori Imperiali.
At the end of the millennium Luca emigrated to America, and he brought with him his gutar and his love for Italian Romantic Songs.

In the last 16 years Luca wrote and published over 100 songs, but he still loves to sing serenades, because for him, this is an emotional connection to his Italian roots and places where he grew up. So, Luca decided to launch this unique Italian Serenades service: he will deliver your personal message and sing a beautiful Italian Serenade or Love Poem to your special person, to anywhere in the world!
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Luca Italian Poet and Serenader